About us

The STEPS Dance Academy was founded in 1986, with the objective of enriching the culture in Panama through the teaching of different types of dance. Since its creation, STEPS has contributed to strengthening the cultural ecosystem of Panama through dance education.

Today STEPS has hundreds of students who come to its classrooms to enrich their knowledge in the field of dance, while they have fun dancing, they learn discipline and exploit their talents, instilling in them a love for art and the value of discipline and dedication. constancy in your daily life.

To maintain the quality and a high level of teaching, both teachers and students have the opportunity to participate annually in various dance seminars in the United States, Europe and Panama.

Through decades of working with and for dance, we have formed a great family that unites us all: directors, teachers, students, families, administrative and maintenance staff, technical team, and alumni.

Together we create magic and transform our environment in a positive way.

San Francisco, Calle 74 
(Matilde Obarrio),

Panamá, República de Panamá.
Teléfono: (+507) 2701349

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